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 Manager / Key Features
  • Import images from memory cards or connected devices
  • View, compare, rate and organize your images
  • Batch rename your images
  • Recursively rename and delete images (PixiShot can automatically process related files in parent and sub folders)
  • Functions to synchronize filenames and metadata, for example to keep JPG and RAW files in sync
  • Cleanup functions, for example to keep JPG and RAW files in sync
  • Powerful and customizable export features
  • Statistics about your images
  • View EXIF information and edit IPTC fields
  • Very flexible system to quickly start external programs. PixiShot can optionally keep a copy of the original image, you can then always compare edited images with the original image and also revert to the original.
  • Filter images
  • And much more...

 Editor / Key Features
  • Basic non-destructive post processing functions for your JPEG files. When using the editing tools in PixiShot, your original files will never be changed. PixiShot will always keep a copy of the original images until you finally commit the changes. This also works in combination with external editors.
  • Automatic and intelligent image enhancements
  • 16-bit support for best image quality
  • Basic adjustments (Exposure, Contrast, Highlight/Shadow recovery, etc)
  • Post crop vignette
  • Automatic Straighten and Perspective correction
  • Manual Straighten and Crop
  • Manual Perspective correction
  • White Balance
  • Tone Curve adjustments
  • Black/White conversion
  • Duo Tone Effect (for example to create Sepia effect)
  • Split Toning
  • Adjust saturation per channel
  • Enhance Image Details
  • Sharpen Images
  • Save image adjustments as presets

 Map / Key Features
  • Display where your photos were taken
  • Assign GPS coordinates to images
  • Import GPS coordinates from GPX track logs and save them to images
  • Show GPX track logs on a map

  PixiShot is not the right tool for you...
  • if you're looking for a RAW development tool. PixiShot can only edit JPG and 8bit TIF images. RAW files can however be displayed.
  • if you're looking for a database solution where you can search all your images for certain tags. PixiShot doesn't use a database where all your images are stored. There's no need to import images into a database, just open a folder on your hard disk to view and work with your images.
  • if you want to save your images with certain color profiles. PixiShot uses sRGB, images with other color profiles are converted to sRGB automatically.
  • if you don't work with the Windows operating system.

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